Board of Carroll County Commissioners
Open Session
3/12/2013 1:30 PM
County Office Building Rm 311
225 North Center Street   County Office Building   Westminster, MD 21157
I. Call to Order
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1. Roll Call
II. Public Comment
Citizen Comments: two parents and a client from Change, Inc. spoke regarding their opposition to cutting any funding to Change, Inc., in the FY14 Budget.
III. FY14 Recommended Budget Session
Ted Zaleski, Director of the Department of Management and Budget, met with the Board of County Commissioners to present the fiscal picture for FY 14-19, make recommendations, and provide additional information for the Board to consider in the process of adopting a balanced budget for the FY14 Budget and FY14-19 Operating Plan and Community Investment Plans.

IV. Economic Development - CLOSED
1. close for Economic Development

Upon motion of Commissioner Rothschild, second by Commissioner Roush, the Board (Commissioners Howard, Roush, Frazier and Rothschild) voted unanimously to meet in closed session in accordance with the Annotated Code of Maryland, State Government Article 10-508, Section (a)(4), on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 4:20 PM with Steve Powell, Chief of Staff and Jack Lyburn, Administrator, Strategic Accounts and Outreach to discuss the expansion of an existing business in Carroll County.



V. Adjourn ~ 4:19 PM
1. adjourn


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