I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Invocation ~ Commissioner Frazier
III. Positively Carroll
IV. Public Comment ~ Item V
V. Briefing/Discussion/Decision ~ Request Renewal of Current Fiber Marking Contract with Skyline Network Engineering
The Department of Technology Services is requesting the renewal of the current Fiber Marking contract with Skyline Network Engineering. The cost of the contract is $72,000 annually and is budgeted in the Fiber Enterprise Fund as an operating expense. Skyline is responsible for marking the location of the County's underground fiber 24 hours a day, seven days a week including all emergency markings. Over the 1st year of the contract, 8,237 tickets were submitted to Skyline for marking of which 6,164 had to be marked. There were no unmarked fiber hits in the same time period.
1. approve the renewal of current Fiber Marking Contract with Skyline Network Engineering in the amount of $72,000 annually Adopted [Unanimous]


VI. Briefing ~ Preliminary Recommended CIP and Bond Authorization
Ted Zaleski, Director, Department of Management and Budget distributed the Carroll County, Maryland Community Investment Plan Preliminary Recommended Fiscal Years 2017-2022 and gave an overview of the preliminary recommendation CIP and also the Projected Outstanding Bonds. The Preliminary recommended CIP includes approximately $31 million of new bond authorization.
1. approve Bond Authorization in the amount of $31 million Adopted [Unanimous]
VII. Public Comment ~ Item VIII
VIII. Briefing/Discussion/Decision ~ Request Approval to Submit Child Support Access and Visitation Grant Application for the Family Law Administration
The Family Law Administration, a Division of the Circuit Court for Carroll County, provides services to families and children in matters related to the Courts. Services coordinated or administered by this office include Mediation, Visitation Services, Custody Evaluation, assistance for domestic violence victims, and a Family Law Clinic. The Child Support Enforcement Access and Visitation grant will help children living in homes receiving Child Support Enforcement Services. The goal of the program is to increase children's access to and parenting time with non custodial parents. The services for these children and their families would include mediation, counseling, education, development of parenting plans, and visitation. The grant would be used to hire new staff and it is projected to serve between 50 and 100 families and their children annually. Referrals for these services will come from the Child Support Enforcement staff at the State's Attorney's Office and the Department of Social Services.
1. approve the Child Support Access and Visitation grant application in the amount of $190,443 for the Family Law Administration Adopted [Unanimous]


IX. Public Comment ~ Item X
X. Briefing/Discussion/Decision ~ FY17 Annual Transportation Grant Application and Opportunity for Public Hearing
The Carroll County community transit program provides services to older adults, persons with disabilities and the general public through demand response (door-to-door) service and the TrailBlazer (deviated-fixed routes). These services operate Monday through Friday, with limited Saturday TrailBlazer service in Westminster. The four TrailBlazer deviated-fixed routes connect Eldersburg and Taneytown to Westminster and service the areas of Westminster and South Carroll. Carroll County community transit provides citizens transportation within the county. The FY17 Annual Transportation Grant Application is currently under development to request Federal and State grant funding for these services.

In order to include public input in the development of the Annual Transportation Grant Application, the opportunity for a public hearing will be advertised on January 21, 2016. If a public hearing is requested, it will be held on February 18, 2016.
1. authorize staff to move forward with the public hearing advertising it as a not to exceed of $900,000.00 subject to staff confirming with the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) that it will pass muster and if for any reason MTA determines it will not, then the Board authorizes staff to turn back to the exact numbers that were previously proposed by staff Adopted [Unanimous]
XI. Public Comment ~ Item XII
XII. Briefing/Discussion/Decision ~ Bid Approval - IntelliTime Timeclock Solution and Scheduling Software
The Department of the Comptroller and the Department of Human Resources in cooperation with the Bureau of Purchasing is requesting the Board's approval to award the purchase of the IntelliTime Personnel Time Management Software to IntelliTime Systems Corporation (Santa Ana, CA) in the amount of $244,724 as part of the Human Resources/Payroll System Replacement Project. This purchase will be made by piggy-backing off a competitively bid procurement by the City of Hagerstown, Maryland. Part of this funding will come out of the original contract awarded previously to Personnel Data Systems (PDS). IntelliTime was identified during the initial implementation stages of the PDS software as a better fit for capturing, recording and scheduling time, attendance, leave accruals and performing personnel management functions and is fully compatible with the PDS software. There is sufficient funding for this project and no additional funds will be necessary.
1. approve the bid to IntelliTime Systems Corporation as part of the Human Resources/Payroll System Replacement Project in the amount of $244,724 Adopted [Unanimous]
XIII. Public Comment ~ Item XIV
XIV. Discussion/Decision ~ Rezoning Case No. 224 Luers Avenue
The request is to reclassify 11 parcels that together total 15.56 acres from Neighborhood Retail Business (B-NR) to General Business (BG). The subject property is located on the south side of Liberty Road (MD 26) and east side of Luers Avenue. The property has a land use designation of 'Local Business' in the 2001 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan. A full staff report was presented to the Planning Commission on November 17, 2015. Following the review, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted to forward the petition to the Board of County Commissioners with a recommendation of Adoption.
In accordance with Section Subsection 4-203 of the Land Use Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, a Public Hearing was scheduled before the Board on December 17, 2015. This hearing was duly advertised in the Carroll County Times on December 3rd and December 10th, as well as signs posted on the petition property two weeks in advance. Landowners of property that either adjoin, or are in close proximity to the property involved in the above-referenced rezoning case were notified by mail of the request and hearing date and time. Staff briefed the Board of County Commissioners on November 19th. A Public Hearing was held on December 17, 2015. At the Public Hearing, staff presented the staff report and the Planning Commission's recommendation. Testimony was provided by the petitioner as well as expert witnesses representing the petitioner.
1. approve the Petitioner's request based upon 'Mistake' because the 2006 zoning action failed to consider the size of the subject property and the land use vision of the 2001 Plan Adopted [Unanimous]
XV. Public Comment
No Citizen Comments
XVI. Approval/Adoption of Minutes
1. Minutes of Jan 7, 2016 10:00 AM Accepted [Unanimous]
XVII. Administrative Session ~ Open
The following issues were discussed:

1. Review of draft public agendas for the weeks of January 18, 2015 and
January 25, 2015

2. Signing of Documents

XVIII. Adjourn ~ 11:25 AM
1. adjourn Adopted [Unanimous]