I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Invocation ~ Commissioner Richard Rothschild
III. Positively Carroll
IV. Presentation ~ Agency Budget Hearings
A. Carroll County Public Library
B. Community Media Center
C. Union Mills Homestead
D. Carroll County Historical Society
E. Carroll County Volunteer Emergency Services Association
V. Public Comment ~ Item No. VI
VI. Briefing/Discussion/Decision ~ Request Approval for Authorization - Northern Recycling Operations Contract Renewal
Through Carroll County's membership in the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority (NMWDA), a contract was entered into on the County's behalf for the Operation, Transportation and Processing of Single Stream Recyclable Materials from Northern's Recycling Facility. The contract with Recycle America is on an annual renewal basis. The County and Authority has researched short term alternatives and none have proven economically viable. The Department of Public Works intends to bid this in the next fiscal year to coincide with the waste transfer contract to procure better rates for both services. The start date of the renewed recycling contract is July 1, 2016. Renewal notification is due April 1, 2016.
1. authorize the renewal of the Northern Recycling Operations contract for one additional year in order to coincide with the Waste Transfer contract Adopted [Unanimous]
VII. Public Comment
Citizen comment (s): no citizen comments were received.
VIII. Recess ~ 12:45 PM
1. recess Adopted [Unanimous]