I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Presentation ~ Agency Budget Hearings
A. Carroll Community College
B. Carroll County Department of Public Safety
C. Carroll County State's Attorney's Office
D. Carroll County Sheriff's Services/Detention Center
III. Public Comment
Citizen comment (s): no citizen comments were received
IV. Closed ~ Administrative Session
Upon motion of Commissioner Rothschild, second by Commissioner Weaver, the Board (Commissioners Wantz, Weaver, Frazier, and Rothschild) voted unanimously to meet in Administrative Session in accordance with the Annotated Code of Maryland, General Provisions Article, on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 3:58 PM in Room 312 with Roberta Windham, County Administrator; Tim Burke, County Attorney; and Ted Zaleski, Director, Department of Management and Budget to discuss the preparation of the county budget.
1. close the meeting and go into Administrative Session Adopted [Unanimous]


V. Adjourn ~ 3:52 PM
1. adjourn Adopted [Unanimous]