I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Invocation ~ Commissioner Weaver
III. Positively Carroll
IV. Statement regarding Board of Education Funding Rubric
The rubric as it was first described by Commissioner Howard was a way of creating a framework for education funding. The concept is a combination of various factors. It has been briefly shared and reviewed by the Superintendent and the President of the Board of Education. Both gentlemen gave the Board feedback about the ideas. Each member of the Board of Commissioners may be in a different place and I'm sure each will have their own approach to education funding. As in years past, these discussions will occur during the budget deliberations beginning next Tuesday. Unfortunately, it seems like the word "rubric" has caused a fire storm in some people's minds - in fact the Carroll County Times even called it a "scheme" which is a word frequently used to make any concept seem underhanded or wrong in some way. I take the opposite approach. I applaud my colleagues for all of the ideas they have tossed, and will continue to toss, into the mix and look forward to hearing more about their plans and ideas in the coming weeks. We can increase funding every year but there is a very real gap that is going to become more difficult to jump over in outlying years. We give the Board of Education a budget, but ultimately they decide how it is spent and what compensation will be. We know there is a clearly defined bargaining process they go through to finalize salaries, but we are trying to find solutions and think creatively. These ideas and plans will become a part of our discussions as we begin deliberations next week. No matter what ideas we discuss as a Board, no matter what rubrics, funding plans or schemes are suggested, at the end of the day the Commissioners provide a total funding package to the Board of Education. It is solely up to the Board of Education how those dollars are spent. Over the next several weeks we will discuss, debate, and ultimately decide what funding is necessary, possible and most importantly sustainable over multiple years for the all of the approximately 45 different agencies we fund. The Board of Commissioners continues to have a strong desire to especially have teachers and school based personnel receive compensation increases with the funding we provide. It is very disheartening to hear the President of the Board of Education, Mr. Doolan, state he feels the Commissioners have made it clear that we do not share the belief that we have a great school system, or truly value public education. This is untrue, and a very concerning statement we have worked very hard to increase funding, and supported them through their difficult school closure process. Over the last eight (8) years Carroll County Government has funded the Board of Education above Maintenance of Effort each year by millions of dollars with the exception of one (1) year. So as this process continues there may be more rubrics suggested, but at the end of the day the Board of Commissioners will fund the Board of Education with some total dollar amount - period. Any thoughts to the contrary would be a gross over reaction. I have been and will continue to advocate for education. I believe my colleagues have and will continue to advocate for education. Developing the best budget possible is by far the most difficult and probably the most important thing we do. We do not take this responsibility lightly. Over the next several weeks we will discuss debate and ultimately decide what funding is necessary, possible and most importantly sustainable over multiple years for the all of the approximately 45 different agencies we fund.
V. Presentation ~ Agency Budget Hearings
A. Carroll County Department of Planning
B. Carroll Soil Conservation District
C. Weed Control
D. Carroll County Department of the Comptroller
E. Carroll County Department of Economic Development
F. Carroll County Department of Citizen Services
G. Carroll County Department of Land and Resource Management
H. Carroll County Department of Recreation and Parks
I. Carroll County Department of the County Attorney
VI. Public Comment
Citizen comment (s): no citizen comments were received
VII. Administrative Session - CLOSED (Tuesday, April 5, 2016 PM)
Upon motion of Commissioner Rothschild, second by Commissioner Weaver, the Board (Commissioners Wantz, Weaver, Frazier, and Rothschild) voted unanimously to meet in Administrative Session in accordance with the Annotated Code of Maryland, General Provisions Article, on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 3:58 PM in Room 312 to discuss the preparation of the county budget.
VIII. Recess ~ 12:24 PM
1. recess until 1:30 PM Adopted [Unanimous]