I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Invocation ~ Commissioner Frazier
III. Positively Carroll
IV. Discussion/Possible Decision (Public Comments will be taken during the Public Hearing) ~ Public Hearing - FY 2016 Streamlined Annual Plan
A Public Hearing for the Consideration of the Streamlined Annual Plan for Fiscal Year 2016 for the Carroll County Bureau of Housing, which has been displayed for public comment for a 45-day period based on Federal Regulation 24 CFR 903 and to be submitted for approval to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Board of County Commissioners has acted as the Bureau of Housing and Community Developments (Public Housing Authority or PHA) "Resident Advisory Board" throughout the existence of the Countys' Section 8 housing assistance program. For that reason the Commissioners, or their designees, have signed documentation required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for various authorization pertaining to the program. The document under consideration is the streamlined version of the Annual Plan for our Housing Authority. Carroll County Bureau of Housing is in the second year of its 5 year plan (2015 - 2019). The Carroll County program provides 100 Non-Elderly Disabled Vouchers, 25 Family Unification Vouchers and 524 Tenant Based Rental Assistance Vouchers for 649 total Housing Assistance Vouchers. The FY 16 Annual Plan lists one change to allow a pilot program 10-20 of the regular tenant based rental vouchers to have a specialized preference as a pilot program. The vouchers will be designated for homeless families being assisted through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration that meet the requirements established and verified by the Carroll County Health Department. As mentioned, this is a pilot program that will run for the three years and will be revaluated at the end of this time period to determine if it will be continued, enhanced or discontinued. There are no County funds utilized for the Section 8 Housing Assistance Program and there are no stipulations in the plan or funding streams that require the County to be liable. The Board gave approval on February 23, 2016 for the 45 day review. To date there has been one comment submitted.

1. close the public hearing regarding the FY2016 Streamlined Annual Plan Adopted [Unanimous]


2. approve the Department of Citizen Services to submit the FY2016 Streamlined Annual Plan to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Adopted [Unanimous]
V. Public Comment ~ Item No. VI
VI. Briefing/Discussion ~ Communications Office
On March 8, 2016 the Board of Commissioners discussed re-establishing a Communications Office to consolidate public information and marketing initiatives into one area. Carroll County Government maintained an on-going Communications/Public Information Office through 2010. This unit reported directly to the Executive Assistant/Chief of Staff. In 2010 as part of an organizational restructure the Communications/Public Information Office was eliminated and staff transferred to other departments. Upon reviewing current public information/marketing focus classifications, eight (8) county employees were identified as potential staffing for the Communications Office. Potential cost for these movements is revenue neutral to approximately $5,000.

The Board felt that additional input was needed from staff involved and further discussion by the Board. It was decided that Ms. Frock would speak to staff involved and report back to the Board in early May in order for the Board to make a decision.
VII. Presentation ~ Commissioners' Budget Deliberations
VIII. 5 minute recess
IX. Reconvene Presentation ~ Commissioners' Budget Deliberations
X. 5 Minute Break
XI. Reconvene
XII. 8 Minute Break
XIII. Reconvene
XIV. Public Comment
Citizen comment (s): no citizen comments
XV. Adjourn ~ 3:35 PM
1. adjourn Adopted [Unanimous]