I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Invocation ~ Commissioner Rothschild
III. Positively Carroll
IV. Public Comment ~ Item No. V
V. Discussion/Possible Decision ~ Request Approval to Accept the FY16 Conflict Resolution Project Grant Award
The Family Law Administration assists the Courts, litigants, and attorneys handle domestic matters relating to families and children. Their services include self-help information - both legal and non-legal, free limited legal assistance at the Family Advice Clinic, mediation and visitation services coordination, assistance in domestic violence or emergency evaluation matters, case tracking and management, as well as referrals to other agencies. This Department was created to ensure that court cases are handled in a way that has a positive effect on the families involved and so the best possible results are achieved for each family.

The award supports four initiatives:

- Mediator training on use of agreement in a child access cases
- Staff training on the use of mediation in child access and marital property cases
- Symposium to establish best practice for Guardianship mediation
- Group membership in AFCC (Association for Family and Conciliation Courts)
1. accept the FY16 Small Conflict Resolution Project Grant Award in the amount of $4,533.00 Adopted [Unanimous]


VI. Public Comment ~ Item No. VII
VII. Briefing/Discussion/Possible Decision ~ Request Approval of Grant Application Submission FY2017 JJAC (Adventure Diversion Programs)
The Carroll County Local Management Board (CCLMB) is requesting approval of Federal Title II Formula Grant (JJAC - Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee) application for the Adventure Diversion Program (ADP). This formula grant is federal U.S. Department of Justice Program funding that is passed through to the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention. The CCLMB has been the grant applicant for ADP since the program started in Carroll County in 2007. ADP is a partnership between Carroll County Department of Juvenile Services, Carroll County Youth Services Bureau, Carroll County Department of Juvenile Services, Carroll County Local Management Board and the Boy Scouts of America.
1. approve a grant application for submission of the FY 2017 Federal Title II Formula Grant (JJAC – Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee) in the amount of $22,312.00 Adopted [Unanimous]


VIII. Public Comment ~ Item No. IX
IX. Briefing/Discussion/Possible Decision ~ Request Approval of Veteran's Advisory Council Grant Award
The Kahlert Foundation has awarded, through the Carroll County Department of Social Services, a grant to provide additional case management and financial resources for Carroll County veterans who are in need. The work will be coordinated through the Veterans Services Program of Carroll County and the Veteran's Advisory Council. After veterans are screened and their need is verified by the case manager, they will be eligible to receive up to $300 to assist with housing, emergency needs such as auto repairs, or job training and educational opportunities. The maximum benefit per veteran is capped at $300 -- exceptions to this cap will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The grant will enable the Department of Citizen Services to hire a part time case manager in the Veteran's Services Program and to assist approximately 100 Carroll County veterans with housing, emergencies, and job training.
1. accept the Veteran Services Grant Award from the Kahlert Foundation in the amount of $55,000.00 Adopted [Unanimous]


X. Public Comment ~ Item No. XI
XI. Briefing/Discussion/Decision ~ Request Approval to Submit a Grant Application to HUD - Family Self Sufficiency Program
The Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program was established within the Carroll County Bureau of Housing in 1996. This voluntary Program is designed to assist residents, who are receiving Section 8 rental assistance, to become more economically self-sufficient by providing supportive services. Partnerships with outside agencies are utilized to meet the participant's specific needs in the supportive process. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is accepting requests for FFY2016 funding for the Housing Choice Voucher Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator position. The Department of Citizen Services has operated a FSS Program for the past 20 years with HUD funds. The Coordinator position is required in order to participate in the FSS Program.
1. approve the grant application for submission of the FFY 2016 Family Self-Sufficiency Program in the amount of $54,078.00 Adopted [Unanimous]


XII. Presentation ~ Commissioners' Budget Deliberations
XIII. Break
XIV. Reconvene
XV. Discussion/Possible Decision ~ Consideration of Repeal Resolution Requiring Super Majority for Tax Increases
Commissioner Dennis Frazier requested that the County Attorney to have placed on the public agenda for discussion regarding the consideration of the Repeal Resolution Requiring Super Majority for Tax Increases for discussion, consideration, and possible repeal. The Repeal Resolution Requiring Super Majority vote for a Tax Increase is the only vote that requires 4 out of 5 County Commissioners to make up a majority vote instead of the normal 3 out of 5 vote to make a change (quorum).

Commissioner Wantz questioned why would the raising of fees/taxes make any difference then the raising of any other such taxes or fees? Keep in mind that today this topic only has to be discussed, no decision has to be made.

Commissioner Frazier made a motion that the Board repeal Resolution 815-2011 (that it would take 4 out of the 5 County Commissioners to raise taxes) and develop a new Resolution stating that the definition of the word "majority" return to 3 out of 5 County Commissioners as is required on every other vote that is made by a Commissioner and considered a "majority" vote. Hearing no further action by the Board this motion died for a lack of a second.
1. repeal Resolution No. 815-2011 Requiring a Super Majority for Tax Increases as 4 out of 5 votes being the Majority Failed for lack of second [1 to 4]


XVI. Briefing/Discussion Costs of Closed Schools to County
The Board met with Jeff Degitz, Director, Department of Recreation and Parks; Jason Green, Acting Deputy Director, Department of Public Works; Mark Ripper, Director, Department of ITS; and Mike Whitson, Chief, Bureau of Facilities who have been meeting with Board of Education representatives regarding the two (2) schools that the Board of Education is turning over to the County (Charles Carroll Elementary School and North Carroll High School). Commissioner Weaver stated that in light of the Board of Education closing 3 schools and at this point turning over only two (2) of those schools at this time, staff have been working with the Board of Education regarding keeping the buildings as they are. County staff worked with the Board of Education staff and did walk-thrus of both schools so that they could obtain information about the different things on how the schools are ran and any special things they should know about each school. Mr. Whitson stated that the County took the figures from the past two (2) years and averaged the total to get an estimated cost of maintaining the buildings. Mr. Whitson also stated that the sooner the Board takes them over the cheaper it will be to maintain. There are a lot of unknowns and hidden things in each of these schools that are going to have to be separated out and the county would be wise to hire a design/construction Engineer. Mr. Ripper stated that he felt the county would need video cameras outside in key areas just to keep an eye on the school property so that there would be no vandalism on the school property. It was asked whether the Board of Education would be willing to leave the cameras where they are for the county to use. It was Mr. Ripper's understanding that the county could keep the cameras but that the county would need to reimburse the Board of Education for the cost because the Board of Education was planning to place them in older schools that either didn't have cameras or that the cameras were very old and ready to be replaced. The Commissioners discussed different ideas with staff on ways in which to keep and use these schools as they are or with little to no repair at this point without spending a lot of money. The Commissioners felt that they needed more information before any kind of decision could be made on what to do with these two (2) schools. Staff was asked to gather additional information and report back to them with their findings.
XVII. Public Comment
Citizen comment (s): no citizen comments received.
XVIII. Approval/Adoption of Minutes
1. Minutes of Apr 5, 2016 11:00 AM Accepted [Unanimous]
2. Minutes of Apr 5, 2016 1:30 PM Accepted [Unanimous]
3. Minutes of Apr 6, 2016 6:00 PM Accepted [Unanimous]
4. Minutes of Apr 7, 2016 9:00 AM Accepted [Unanimous]
5. Minutes of Apr 7, 2016 1:30 PM Accepted [Unanimous]
XIX. Administrative Session ~ Open
The following issues were discussed:

1. Review of draft public agenda for week of April 18, 2016

2. Signing of Documents
XX. Adjourn~ 4:53 PM
1. adjourn Adopted [Unanimous]