I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Invocation ~ Commissioner Weaver
III. Positively Carroll
1. Carroll County Health Department Report of the receipt of a grant for the
remediation of radon in your home. Carroll County has always been high
per the Environment Protection Agency (EPA)

2. Recognition of Mr. Mike Fowler, BGE Retirement - Proclamation No. 06-2017
IV. Public Comment ~ Item No. V
V. Briefing/Discussion/Decision ~ Exercise an Option to Purchase an Easement on the Joseph Roberts and Deborah K. Roberts Property
A 75.868 acre farm property owned by Joseph Roberts and Deborah K. Roberts was granted preliminary approval to participate in the County Agricultural Land Preservation Program by the County Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Board on September 10, 2015. Subsequently, the Board of County Commissioners granted preliminary approval on November 5, 2015. Notice of Intent to purchase a conservation easement on the property has been duly advertised. The Option signed by the owner provides 120 days for the Commissioners to exercise the Option thereby converting it to a Contract of Sale. The property owner requested to be compensated by the lump sum payment option, and agreed to the purchase price of $300,468.00.

The Commissioners' delayed final approval for the purchase of the conservation easement on the Roberts property due to the property's proximity to the Taneytown growth area boundary. The Board requested that staff, the Program Manager, to notify Taneytown officials of the pending easement and to then return to the Board next week for final approval. The decision has been tabled until next week.
VI. Public Comment ~ Item No. VII
VII. Additional Discussion/Possible Decision ~ Request Approval for Meraki Wireless Network License Renewal
1. The equipment manufacturer for the County's wireless network is Cisco. Meraki is the name of Cisco's wireless solution which includes both hardware and software.

2. Three quotes have been obtained from resellers for the Cisco licenses applicable to the wireless network, they are:

a. 1 Year
DISYS - $36,047.00
Digicon - $39,063.58
SHI - $39,599.60

b. 3 Year
DISYS - $65,540.00
Digicon - $78,138.78
SHI - $79,190.82

c. 5 Year
DISYS - $88,263.00
Digicon -$117,202.36
SHI - $118,792.08

4. The Meraki software is used to manage network access for all wireless devices connecting to the Carroll County Government Information Technology Network. This may include laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, and projectors.

5. Meraki allows the Department of Technology Services to establish and enforce network security for connecting devices. Examples include: oversight of what devices can connect to County Data or have internet access, enforcement of Pass Codes, and verification of device operating system currency (Windows 7, iOS, Android, etc.).

6. Meraki can also be used to provide location services which is useful in locating lost devices.
1. concur with the award of the renewal of the Meraki licenses for the next 5 years to DISYS in the amount of $88,263.00 Adopted [Unanimous]


2. approve the transfer of $52,016.00 from the Reserve for Contingencies to the Department of Technology Services Adopted [Unanimous]


VIII. Public Comment ~ Item No. IX
IX. Briefing/Discussion/Decision ~ Present FY18-23 Preliminary Record CIP and Request Bond Authorization
- In early January of each year, the Department of Management and Budget
presents the six-year Preliminary Recommended CIP to the Board of County
Commissioners and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

- The purpose of the Preliminary Recommended CIP is to establish an estimate
for bond authorization to be submitted to the Carroll Delegation as part
of the County's FY 18 legislative package (Carroll County Bond Bill).

- The Department of Management and Budget is estimating the FY 18
bond authorization requirement to be $18,530,000.
1. approve $25,000,000 bond authorization Adopted [Unanimous]


X. Public Comment ~ Item No. XI
XI. Briefing ~ County Financial Position Overview
Following the recent release of the County's FY 16 financial statements, and prior to the upcoming budget process, Mr. Burk provided the Board and the public with an overview of the County's current financial position. Areas covered included:

- FY 16 Audited Financial Statement Results
- Credit Ratings
- Fund Balances & Reserves
- Debt Position
- Pension and OPEB Funding Status
- Enterprise Funds
- Financial Ratios and Trends

The Board discussed their concerted effort in reducing the county's bond debt over the passed several years but they didn't come to any conclusion. Mr. Burk stated that he would keep the Board abreast of the status of this situation without letting them go too far ahead without doing something about it.
XII. Public Comment
Citizen comment(s): no citizen comments were received.
XIII. Administrative Session ~ Open
The following issues were discussed:

1. Review of draft public agendas for the weeks of January 16, 2017 and
January 23, 2017

2. Discussed suggestions from all Board members regarding assignments
for the Economic Development Commission

3. Signing of Documents
XIV. Adjourn ~ 1:08 P.M.
1. adjourn Adopted [Unanimous]