I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Invocation~ Commissioner Wantz
III. Positively Carroll
IV. Public Comment ~ Item No.V
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V. Budget Deliberations
VI. 5 minute break
VII. Public Comment ~ Item No. VIII
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VIII. Discussion Chapter 156 – Adequate Public Facilities and Concurrency Management – 156.04 Building Permits
During a recent public comment period, a developer discussed with the Board the implications of the building permit limitations as it impacts his specific multi-unit residential development. Chapter 156 states the county shall not issue a building permit or permits for more than 50 residential dwelling units or equivalent dwelling units, as applicable for the project, per fiscal year.
On March 23, 2017 staff briefed the Board in regard to the applicable section of the Code. The Board requested staff review specific recommendations, develop revised language, and return to the Board for direction.
IX. Public Comment ~ Item No. X
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X. Briefing/Discussion/Possible Decision Request Approval to Submit FY2018 Maryland Victims of Crime (MVOD) Fund Grant Application
The Victim Witness Unit of the Carroll County State's Attorney's Office provides victims and witnesses of crime vital communications such as case notifications and also serves as
the liaison between prosecutors for the Circuit, District and Juvenile Courts. The Unit currently consists of two, full-time advocates. With the addition of needed direct services to victims in the District Court as well as an increased caseload in the Circuit Court, the advocates have struggled to meet the needs of victims and witnesses. In 2016, there were 1,982 cases in the Circuit Court; 3,825 cases in the District Court and 138 cases in the Juvenile Court. More than 60% of cases require the services of the Victim Witness Unit. Gaps in services are being undertaken, whenpossible, by state's attorneys with some assistance by the advocates. In order to bridge the gap of services, additional administrative and advocacy assistance is needed.

The Carroll County State's Attorney's Office is seeking approval to submit an application for grant funds to support a part-time, contractual District Court Advocate. The position will be responsible for providing indirect as well as direct services to crime victims and witnesses including but not limited to, compiling restitution information; obtaining victim impact
statements; attending court 3 days per week; providing clerical and courtroom back-up to advocates in the Circuit Court and Special Victims Unit as needed; and assisting in reviewing new cases/reports to be referred for safety planning.

The grant funds the FY 18 and FY 19 period and will support the position's salary and benefits. In the case that future MVOC funding will be available from GOCCP, we are eligible and will apply for continuation funds for this position.
1. approve the submission of the FY 18 Maryland Victims of Crime (MVOC) application Adopted [Unanimous]


XI. Public Comment ~ Item No. XIII
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XII. Briefing/Discussion/Decision Bid Approval ~ Relief Sewer No. 4 Rehabilitation
The Department of Public Works (Bureau of Utilities) in cooperation with the Bureau of Purchasing recommends award for the Relief Sewer No. 4 Rehabilitation be awarded to DSM Properties, LLC in the amount of $196,687. This work consists of excavating and replacing approximately 450LF of sanitary sewer and rehabbing six concrete manholes along Snowden Creek Rd. This amount is within the project budget and no additional funds will be necessary.

Number of Bids: 3
1. DSM Properties, LLC $196,687
2. Mid-Atlantic Utilities $238,785
3. CJ Miller $279,200
1. award the contract for Relief Sewer No. 4 Rehabilitation Project to DSM Properties, LLC in the amount of $196,687. Adopted [Unanimous]


XIII. Public Comment ~ Item No.XIV
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XIV. Briefing/Discussion/Decision Bid Approval ~ Hot Mix Asphalt Paving 2
The Department of Public Works, in cooperation with the Bureau of Purchasing, recommends award for the above project to Gray & Son, Inc. in the amount of $3,230,000.00. This is within the project budget and no additional funds will be needed. The cost estimate on this project was $3,581,828.00.

Three (3) responsive bids were received.
Vendors and Bid Results
1. Gray & Son, Inc. $3,230,000.00
2. C. J. Miller, LLC $3,285,192.58
3. M.T. Laney Company, Inc. $3,860,411.61

Sixteen (16) roads (or portions thereof) are included.
Da Lib Road Hoke Road Otterdale Mill Road Richardson Road
Emory Road North Nicodemus Road East Patapsco Road Sams Creek Road
Frizzellburg Road Old Gamber Road Pin Oak Drive Slippery Elm Court
Frizzellburg Road Alley Old Mill Court Pinch Valley Road Weymouth Street
1. award the contract for Hot Mix Asphalt Paving – 2 to Gray & Son, Inc. in the amount of $ 3, 230,000.00 Adopted [Unanimous]


XV. Public Comment
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XVI. CLOSED ~ Land Acquisition
1. close for Land Acquisition Adopted [Unanimous]
2. Land Acquisition- Closed
Upon motion of Commissioner Howard, second by Commissioner Frazier the, Board (Commissioners Wantz, Weaver, Frazier, and Howard) voted unanimously to
meet in closed session in accordance with the Annotated Code of Maryland, General Provision Article 3-305, Subsection (b)(3), on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 12:35 PM held a closed session with with Roberta Windham, County Administrator; Tim Burke, County Attorney; Tom Devilbiss, Director, Department of Land and Resource Management; Jeff Castonguay, Director, Department of Public Works; Scott Moser, Deputy Director, Department of Public Works; and Deb Bowers, Manager, Agricultural Land Preservation Program. Staff discussed the possible negotiation for a commercial property and the possible acquisition of an agricultural easement.
The Board authorizied staff commence negotiations for the purchase of commercial property by a vote of 3-2 (Commissioners Rothschild and Howard voted no). The Board authorized the extinguishment of a lot right as part or the purchase of an agricultural preservation easement on an adjoining farm property by a vote of 5-0.

XVII. Adjourn` 12:30 PM
1. adjourn Adopted [Unanimous]
XVIII. Release of Proposed Budget